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by Fire

Duration: 6'15"



Bb Clarinet, Violin, Piano


Program Notes:

by Fire, in spite of the evocative nature of its title, is concerned more with my compositional process during its construction than any allusion to an actual fire. The piece traces my path from finding my initial pitch material, exploration of and mounting frustrations with said material, and eventual collapse into a fit of anger. by Fire was written in 2011 for the New Music on the Point Festival in Vermont for members of the Chicago-based Fifth House Ensemble.

by Fire.jpg
Perusal Score

Maiko Sasaki, Katrina Bobbs Savitski, Mina Gajic - 4 February 2012; Houston, TX
Jennifer Woodrum, Elliot Cless, Yen-Lin Goh, 18 June 2011; Salisbury, VT
[Video of Performance on YouTube]



Veritas Musica Publishing

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