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Composition #1026 "for J.B."

​Duration: Not Applicable


Actor, MaxMSP, 5 Random Books, a Table, and a Projector 

Program Notes:

This composition is to be utilized instead of written program notes on a concert, and an announcement can be made stating that program notes will be read aloud in lieu of printed ones. The Max patch is projected on the back wall of the stage or in some place where the actor and the audience can see it. The actor walks out on stage carrying the 5 books. He or she then places them on the table. The Max patch then starts. Random numbers then appear next to "Book," "Page," "Paragraph," "Line," and "Word." These numbers indicate in which book the actor should read and where to start. The actor stops reading once the timer reaches "0." Afterwards, he or she collects the books and walks off stage. The process is repeated as desired. There are a few built in surprises that can be used as well.*

* As can probably be inferred, these program notes should not printed or appear anywhere at the concert. 




Kallan Keim - 5 April 2010; Kansas City, MO


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