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in transit

Duration: 4'00"


4 Bassoons (4° dbl. Contrabassoon 2), 1 Contrabassoon

Program Notes:

​As a bassoonist, bassoon ensembles have always intrigued me. The range and coloristic variants possible with multiple bassoons is what first drew me to attempt writing for this ensemble. I had listened to many bassoon quartets in preparation to write my own for my bassoonist colleagues to play, but quickly decided to add a fifth part so I could join in as well. The title, in transit, is in reference to my transition into college and end of my colleagues’ tenure at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

in transit.jpg
Perusal Score

Michael Scott, Austin Way, Raquel Vargas-Ramírez, James Keel Williams, Asa Ireland - 5 April 2010; Kansas City, MO

Brent Filmer, Michael Harris, Kathryn Krzesinski, Derek M. Jenkins, Chuck Wines - 2 May 2006; Kansas City, MO


Veritas Musica Publishing

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