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Quintet for Winds No.1 

Duration: 9'00" - 9'30"


Flute, Oboe, Bb Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon

Program Notes:

Despite my strong affinity towards wind instruments and wind ensembles, the thought of writing a woodwind quintet was something I had never considered. Due to its very nature, the ensemble presents many different problems, not least of which is its exceedingly heterogeneous sound palette (more so than other groups like the string quartet or brass quintet). The five movements of Quintet for Winds No. 1 are then, in a sense, miniature experiments for me. They gave me a chance to explore and question different aspects of the ensemble, a chance to ask “what if...?” A couple of the movements use techniques that were completely new and foreign to me, while the others try to fuse concepts that I have used elsewhere within the context of this curious instrumentation. As this piece would never have been attempted without their encouragement, Quintet for Winds No. 1 is dedicated to the members of Fifth House Ensemble.

Quintet for Winds No1.jpg
Perusal Score

Washington Square Winds - 20 April 2013; New York, NY

Masha Popova, Kevin Pearl, Lin Ma, Nicholas Hartman, William Short - 4 February 2012; Houston, TX




Veritas Musica Publishing

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