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R e m n a n t s   ( F i v e   F r a g m e n t s   o n   a   H y m n )

Duration: 7'00"


Tenor Trombone and Piano

Program Notes:

Grief is a complex process that is an intrinsic part of the human condition. We all feel this emotion in deeply personal ways, and yet there is universality to the experience. Remnants explores some of the various facets of grief in five interconnection sections. These five sections consider the five stages of grief (however, in a slightly altered order for dramatic purposes): denial, bargaining, depression, anger, and acceptance. And yet, like our experiences with grief, there is a couple of through-lines holding the piece together. The first is the hymn “Beautiful Savior,” which is present, if not noticeably so, in each section. The second are the pitches B-flat, C, F (particularly at the end of a section). These are the musical initials of Carroll “Butch” Faske and to whose memory this piece is dedicated.

In memoriam Carroll "Butch" Faske. Commissioned by his son and my good friend Bruce Faske.



Performers TBD - 4 November 2023; Athens, OH 

Bruce Faske and Lauren Schack Clark - 17 October 2022; Jonesboro, AR

Bruce Faske and Lauren Schack Clark - 16 July 2022; Conway, AR


Selected Performance, 2023 Society of Composers, Inc. Region V Conference

Selected Performance, 2022 International Trombone Festival



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