D r e a m s   o f   A m e r i c a

Duration: TBD (forthcoming)


1 Eb Soprano Cornet, 4 Bb Solo Cornets, 1 Bb Repiano Cornet, 2 2nd Bb Cornets, 2 3rd Bb Cornets, 1 Flugelhorn, 3 Eb Tenor Horns, 2 Bb Baritone Horns, 2 Bb Tenor Trombones, 1 Bass Trombone, 2 Bb Euphoniums, 2 Eb Basses, 2 Bb Basses, 4 Percussion (plus an optional additional percussion part)

Program Notes:

I. Yearning to Breathe Free

II. Take my Stand

III. It Beckons and Beckons

IV. Sweet Land of Liberty


Commissioned by the National Youth Brass Band of America.



National Youth Brass Band of America (TBD, conductor) - 27 July 2020; St. Joseph, MO